Oh Yes, She Does

Many moons had been mesmerised by our memory,
hanging like docile mobiles in the sky,
awestruck as they watched us fall in love,
idealising the imperfections that disappear inside a kiss.
Remembering the sight of you, smiling up from sheets full of scandal,
I sigh, just as enchanted as the moon, by all that you are.

Let me write one of my stories,
on the softness of your trembling thighs,
violet lights are in this once dark room,
embrace me, and let me light up like the stars,
sunbeams bursting from my soul.

All that I can say, is that I am consumed.
Something about you has me on the hook,
holding me, happily, near or far,
led to your side, with just the recollection of our romance.
I will go to the ends of the Earth, and back again.

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