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Angel Number Two – 222

My lucky number,

rests on my left wrist. Dos. Two.

I hear the angels.

I hear the angels.

They say not to cry. My eyes,

for once, they listen.

For once, I glisten.

You can find me in my dreams,

but I won’t go back.

I just won’t go back,

never straying from the path,

my gleaming pavements.

My endless statements,

intentions ring out like bells,

Sunday morning sounds.

Morning sounds hopeful,

church bells, whispering angels,

soft breathing. No tears.

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MYSIGN: The Elements

Mysign- the elementssneak peak jennifer juan

Hola amigos!

Today, I’m very excited to share something from one of my favourite make up brands with you. I discovered MYSIGN, after receiving one of their Aquarius Eye Wheels for Christmas in 2016. I’ve always been fascinated by astrology, and currently have an entire folder full of astrology related apps on my phone, so make up products based on my star sign were the ideal gift for me (Thanks Mum!) and I fell in love with their products right away.

MYSIGN has a new collection on the way, and I couldn’t be more excited. Launching on November 22nd 2017 is the latest collection “The Elements”, comprised of four unique eyeshadow palettes, will bring together three signs by element and celebrate the spirit, personality and style of each sign.

Krista Madden. Quite possibly the hardest working Capricorn you’ll ever meet.


MYSIGN is a brand created by one of the most innovative women in modern media, Krista Madden, in collaboration with one of the biggest names in UK beauty Makeup Revolution. Krista is not only behind one of the hottest new make up collections, but is also the founder of one of the first and longest running female focused websites, as well as founding one of the leading agencies for bloggers and vloggers, Handpicked Media. She certainly lives up to the reputation of hardworking Capricorns!

The palette is excellent value, at only £6 for 15 shades, and has a variety of colours to display the signature traits of each element. Combining cool, ethereal shades with deep and dark shades gives enough shades for a variety of looks, and adds to the value of the palette. The shadows are vibrant and long lasting, with easy application and shades for every look and occasion. As with the previous MYSIGN collection, and all collections made in collaboration with Makeup Revolution, the palette is cruelty free, and has not been tested on animals, nor does it contain any animal products, so it is completely safe for vegans.


All the colours you need to set the spirit of your star sign free.


I’m an Aquarius, which I, as a creator, am so grateful for. I know some people are sceptical, but I really do see traits of my sign in my personality. I’m not always great with following the rules, I like to think I’m very forward thinking, I can be a little withdrawn, and some people can see me as a little “out there”. It would not be unfair, to be real, to suspect that I am perhaps an alien. I like to think that if I was one (surely I’d have figured that out by now, but you never know), that I’d be like Mork from Mork and Mindy, as opposed to Alien, from, well, Alien. My planetary status aside, one thing is for sure, I’m definitely a proud Aquarius, and it’s something I’m always willing to celebrate, which is part of why I love MYSIGN so much.

Now, you guys know I am no expert in make up, but the great thing about the palette, is that it allows for exploration, and learning. There is a great combination of matte and metallic shades to dive into, and I found it very easy to unleash my creativity, and create a look that displayed my individuality. I experimented with the silvery greys, a little blue and pink to create a dramatic and otherworldly look that I feel really represents the futuristic and unusual aspect of my sign.

I also used a little silver on top of my lipstick (Marshmallow – Colourpop), to help it shine a little brighter.

jennifer juan 5.jpg
“I came here from outer space, a planet called 808.” – Legendary icon and mother to everyone who asks, RuPaul

Overall, this is a great addition to the existing products that MYSIGN offers, and is a great sign of the brand’s ambition and their commitment to creating products that speak to our spiritual side. Along with the upcoming fragrance line to accompany the eye and lip products, a look that is astrologically tailored to you is no longer a fantasy, and is affordable too.

You can find the AIR palette, as well as FIRE, EARTH and WATER at TAMBeauty from November 22nd 2017, and in store at Superdrug from January 3rd 2018, for an incredible £6 each. You can also shop the original collection at TAMBeauty and discover more about the collections, as well as getting all the details on your sign, and horoscopes for the future at the MYSign website.

I hope you enjoyed exploring this gorgeous new palette with me, and I’ll see you again soon!


J x

*Disclaimer* I was generously provided with the above palette but all thoughts, opinions, research and photographs are my own.

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