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Pink Pills

Pink pills underneath your tongue,
pressed into a kiss that collapses the surrounding sunset.
There is nothing but you, for me,
and you used to be obsessed with brooding fictional characters,
so I stopped smiling,
starting wearing faux fur coats over my negligee,
swallowing those sweet, sordid remedy,
singing all my melodies about my long lost lover.

My horoscope today advised that I keep eye contact,
and I rolled my eyes,
because I just can’t do that,
but I’ll keep them open,
hoping for the sun to slip from the sky,
so I can try another taste.
You open up, and then you treat me like a stranger.
You say we’re friends, but I live rent free in your bed.
Make it make sense.
Make it a little easier on me,
with your pretty little lips,
and those pink pills.

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