Stick To Your Colouring Books, Dickhead

These boys, posting parchment on the ‘gram, trying to teach girls how to behave, calling out for some class, but talking like they never graduated. Crying about how every girl, wants to be Kylie Jenner. Crying about how girls won’t cover up, and by cover up, he means shut up. These boys, posting parchment on […]

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World Book Day & International Women’s Day :)

Hola amigos, To celebrate World Book Day today and International Women’s Day tomorrow, you can now download free copies of my poetry collections, from now until the 9th of March 🙂 Besos, J x 27, With A White Lighter Free Download Links US UK Germany France Spain Italy Netherlands Japan Brazil Canada Mexico Australia India […]

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The bitter bite of being underestimated, again, as if I am not sewn together, from the ones the world tried to tear apart. Today, I am not the girl I was. I am patched up, with pieces, a collage of Queens. Their bones are fused, with my refusal to be silent, we are together, awake, […]

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