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The bitter bite of being underestimated, again, as if I am not sewn together, from the ones the world tried to tear apart. Today, I am not the girl I was. I am patched up, with pieces, a collage of Queens. Their bones are fused, with my refusal to be silent, we are together, awake, unlocked, all over the world. We graffiti the streets, … Read More Women

Hello 2018, Goodbye Porn Watchers

I know I already did my “this is not a new year, new me post, but new year, new me!” post, but indulge me, because I have another change I’m bringing into 2018, and it’s something I’ve considered for the longest time. Up until recently, I actually thought I was asexual. I felt attraction, but the thought of actually having sex either bored me … Read More Hello 2018, Goodbye Porn Watchers

Council Estate Girl

I was born, and sped to work, in a British society, not quite high society, council estate girl, lost in the trees, staring up at stars, and making plans, in crayon. I worked on my grammar, to get into grammar, but my grandma always told me, it was better to shine in the safety of the state, than to struggle at the top. My … Read More Council Estate Girl

You Don’t Have To Be Alone

Hola Amigos, I hope you are well. The last few days have been difficult. That is an understatement. They have been shocking, horrific, and traumatic for many. There is uncertainty, fear and anger all around us, and honestly, as much as I wish I could, I can’t tell you that everything will be okay. There may be hardship ahead of us, which isn’t deserved, … Read More You Don’t Have To Be Alone