Twenty Two Forever

Twenty two forever, on the 21st, crowned by carnations, late in life prom queen, balancing along the beams, of the blue sky. I hear you call to me, on your birthday, on our first day, on her anniversary, your mouth still and shut. Everybody is texting and talking. We’re alone, at last. I fall down, […]

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New Video: Pepsi Cola

Hola amigos, You can now check out the video for my latest poem “Pepsi Cola”. I hope you enjoy it! Besos, J x Enter The Poetry Competition here Order “Kissing Boys, Just For The Thrill” here Order “Stormy Weather” here Order “Last Of The Greenwich Glamour Girls” here Order “The Things We Did Last Summer” […]

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Pepsi Cola

Just when I thought it was over, melancholy under the moon, I decided I was tired of missing you, so I tore off my clothes, my past, and sank into silk sheets, ready for one last drink, before bidding goodbye, to my dreams of you. Just when I thought it was over, I choked on […]

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