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2AM Music Video

Hola amigos, My new single 2AM is almost here, and will be available to purchase and stream on Friday the 23rd of February. I can’t wait to share it with you, but for now, you can now view the music video for the single, below! I shot the music video while I was away for my birthday, at the start of February. 2AM will … Read More 2AM Music Video

I Died…

Hola Amigos, I hope you had a lovely valentine’s day! You can find the video for “I Died” from Notes To My Muse below. I made a couple of small changes to the previously published text version, when reading it, because it just felt more natural, and this reflects in the video version, as well as the final version included in Notes To My … Read More I Died…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hola Amigos, Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you’re enjoying a day full of love and warmth, with someone special, even if that someone special is just you! You can click below to check out my brand new valentine’s day collection of poetry. I wanted to write something about the journey of love. The joy and elation, the heartbreak, the anxiety, and the darkness. I … Read More Happy Valentine’s Day!


You read me like the books I write. Before I can invent excuses for the way I stare, the way I sigh, you’ve lit up the eyes, that make me weak. Your hands are across every word I’ve ever said, and I am speechless. Order “Stormy Weather” here Order “Last Of The Greenwich Glamour Girls” here Order “The Things We Did Last Summer” here … Read More Speechless

The One Who Has Been Mine

I am nervous to know you, though you’ve been mine, longer than any love had the pleasure, or misfortune. I didn’t intend to build a house on your head, filled with my hardest days, where the thought of you, and our imaginary conversations, hang happy, seen by you, for the very first time. This is where I live. This is where I lie, that … Read More The One Who Has Been Mine