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An Open Letter To Snow

I know that you’re just trying to help.
You’ve seen the way we all admire you when you arrive somewhere scenic,
lighting up the place,
smiles lined across the faces of the cooing crowd,
so you probably thought “I’ll cheer them up!”,
but honestly love,
nobody has time to stop and stare,
and nobody has time for the song and dance you demand every time you show up,
so as well meaning as you might be,
just fuck off x

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Winter’s Influence

Trees reach out with frozen fingertips for their lost leaves,
placed in the eye line of the powder blue sky,
the moon still shyly smiling across from the proud sun,
as the last of the birds go to their summer homes.

Winter has yet to arrive,
but her influence is everywhere.
Frost throws herself across the floor,
claiming the calm streets as snow circles the sky,
with her eyes aimed for all of us.

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Healing Tree

Snow has sunk into the ground,

beaten and defeated by the soft rays of the sun.

I stare, seated in my kitchen,

at the pleasant pink and blue that peeks from behind the branches of a healing tree,

a tree that has weathered the winter, spurred on by the promise of return and renewal.

The sun rises,

and I rise with it,

birds hide in branches,

singing long forgotten songs,

about a hopeful spring and a happy summer,

as I step into the shower,

washing off my worries,

and hurrying towards hope,

like the healing tree in my back garden.