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Ask Jen – April 10th

Hola amigos,

Here are some of the answers to your questions 🙂


Sophie asked “What Is Your Personality Type?”

I don’t know. I tried to take one of those tests but I got distracted. That could give you some insight, maybe?

Gabby asked “Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend at the moment?”

Not really. I’m kind of seeing a few people, in a very removed and distant way, that is less “seeing them” and more “talking to them occasionally, sometimes going on dates, and like, whatever”. As you guys will know, I’m not the best at relationships, but it’s 2018, and I’m not trying to die alone, so I’m just trying out a few things, seeing what happens, and generally just hoping for the best. I find dating very hard, as I’ve said before, because it seems very impersonal and immediate sometimes, but I’m doing my best.

Amberlee asked “Who is You’re A Crushing Bore about?”

Me, but also people I know. It was kind of a self drag that ended up also dragging other people, but in a gentle and loving way, that was trying to be encouraging.

Rich asked “How did you write 2AM?” 

I actually wrote the whole thing on my phone. I know some people will think this is cheating, but, I mean, whatever, man. I mainly used Garageband to do it, and while it does make things a little easier, you do have to kind of know what you’re doing, so I wouldn’t really say it was cheating, personally (then again, would I actually admit to that?). When I did my GCSE in music at school, I was really interested in the modules we did on electronic music, and the different possibilities, so I’ve always been very into that. I do actually play a little guitar, and that, but doing it that way would mean booking studio time, and paying other people to help me, and I’m a cheap queen.

Sheree asked “How do you pick which poems to read in your podcast?”

I want to say something really smart about how I pick a theme for the episode and then choose poems based on that, but I really don’t. Generally, I will start with anything new that I have to share, and then just go through my older stuff to find something that I haven’t read yet, that I feel like doing. There isn’t a real science or magic formula to it, I’m afraid, it’s just whatever I have to hand, that I think I can get through in five takes or less (believe me, it really can take that long).

Kyle asked “What are some random facts about you?”

I pretended to be allergic to seafood for several years, because of a traumatic experience involving basically being force fed fish by this douche bag. I insisted that it closed my airways, because I thought the usual seafood allergy symptoms of stomach problems was unglamourous and unbecoming. I also have tinnitus in my right ear. It isn’t much of a problem, but I tend to use subtitles for pretty much everything because sometimes it can make it difficult to hear if I’m in a loud environment.

Riley asked “Did you like working with Jonathan Windsor at IPW:UK, and would you do it again?”

Yes, and yes. Jonathan is a really great person, and one of my favourite people I ever met through working in wrestling. He was very supportive and very kind to me, when some people weren’t, and I will always appreciate and remember that. I have always been supportive of his career, since before we worked together, because I think what he does is a really fresh spin on a classic character type, so I’d love to work with him again if the opportunity came up and we both had the time for that. I don’t know about working with other people, so much, because everything has changed, and I don’t really know many of them that well, but definitely Jonathan, and a few other talents that I really admire, and am familiar with enough to explore a working relationship. I’ll always be grateful to IPW:UK, as well as other promotions like Progress, for taking a chance on me, and giving me opportunities. I think IPW:UK has gone through some drastic changes with the new management and they are really building a new legacy, which is really cool to see. I think Billy Wood is doing a fantastic job at delivering a great product, and also being one of the leading voices for making British wrestling a safer and more transparent environment. I keep meaning to look into EVE’s new academy, because it seems like an ideal place for me to continue training and explore what would be possible, and I know for a fact that Rhia O’Reilly is probably one of the best trainers a person could wish for. We’ll see, there is plenty of time left in 2018.

Josie asked “Is Come Dancing still your favourite thing that you wrote?”

Yes and no. I have a lot of other things that I think are far better from a technical standpoint, which is understandable because Come Dancing is now several years old. However, Come Dancing is, like, emotionally my favourite because I have very fond memories of when and where I wrote it.


That’s all for this edition, kids. If you want to ask me a question, you can send them in here.



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