Some Next Man’s Other Woman

They asked you one more time, to be stronger than the demons that stole you, because nobody is going to save you, sweetheart, beyond begging you to be here one more time, even if they won’t give you a reason to stay. They stole your heart, dragging it from your chest, and up your throat, […]

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World Poetry Day :)

Hola amigos, Today is World Poetry Day, so here are some poems that I’ve finished up. I’ve written about quite a few things that I’ve been thinking about lately, such as the difficult journey to loving yourself, the unfortunate news of privacy leaks for public figures, my regrets from the past and my hopes for […]

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Ask Jen – January 15th

Melody Ann asked “What inspired I Love You, Bye?” The dehumanisation of celebrities. It was originally going to be the end of Querida, with Damien kidnapping her, but I came up with a different ending, so ended up using the idea for a separate story. I think while the majority of fandom is wonderful, creative and […]

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