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A Change

Black lace,

baked into my skin,

into my soul.

I know who I was supposed to be,

born and bred,

by Aphrodite,

to belong to somebody,

sleeping in silk,

breathing bridal vows,

in my dreams,

they flow around me,

floating like clouds,

abstract ideas.

I know that one day,

it will come,

but when…



Am I a wife,

or a widow?

It depends,

on the day of the week,

and the things they say to me,

and if I can convince myself,

that it wont fall apart,

that I won’t fall apart,


How many “How are you?”,

“Send pics”

“Sorry, I’m just not after something serious”

invasions must I endure?



but eventual ever after.

Someone who will be fair,

to my frightened heart.

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Shed not one tear.

I am only a memory,

that you revisit,


until you see me again,

but I ask you not to cry,

if this is the last time.

So it may be,

that tomorrow is a lovely day,

like Vera promised.

I tried not to promise,

too much of myself,

but in the end,

I was helpless to your hunger.

Wilting and then rising again,

sick but sweet symbiosis,

that makes your friends roll their eyes,

and your mum say,

that maybe you’re moving too fast.

Shed not one tear.

I am not ready, to see you miss me.

I am not ready to see, how my vanishing acts,

vandalise you.

Tomorrow used to be this little idea,

that I thought wasn’t real,

in the way some people look at climate change and think,


So it may be,

that I am bound to you.

I share with you,

everything, including,

my disruptive dramatics,

screaming into pillows,

then melting into your lap.

You can’t seem to get enough,

and I used to worry,

that you will always follow me,

but now,

I worry that you won’t.

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Nothing Lasts Forever, Except You and Me

Your last words echo like a gunshot,

I haunt the home where we kissed goodbye,

but I don’t cry,

(only sometimes),

because nothing lasts forever,

except you and me.

Night life,

I’m the queen of the sleep scene,

living out our dreams,

in a place where the world won’t find me.

You’re right beside me,

waking up in secret realms,

we walk the earth,

until we tire of it,

treading new ground,

in the new creations of our imaginations.

I live in lace,

when I’m with you,

blushing bride,

that never ventures down from the clouds,

because nothing lasts forever,

not dreams,

or destitution.

Separation always ends in reunion,

if you can find a reason,

and you know that I’m creative,


nothing lasts forever,

in this sweet, strange world of ours,

the world burns down beside us,

we kiss under the glow of the moon,

undeterred by everything we know,

concious uncoupling from existence,

because nothing lasts forever,

except you and me.

I hope we last forever,

you and me.





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You Were Here

You were here,

when the dawn made itself known,

pressed up against my window,

weak curtains, unable to resist,

reaching through the glass,

to will me towards the waking world.

You were here,

in the loosest sense,

before I was lucid,

I idealise you,

when I’m awake,

so I dream of you,


when my eyes are open,

and shut.

You were here,

just for a moment,

just when I needed you,

just the way I remembered,

soft eyes,

seeking me out,

your arms,

a blanket,

that I wrapped myself in,

weeping as I awoke.