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A Letter To My Fifteen Year Old Self

Hey, It’s me, or rather, you, from the future. Put down the star trek fan fiction, we need to talk. I have good news and bad news. The good news is, you having fuller lips won’t be as bad as you think. Sure, you get made fun of it for now, but in about ten years, it will be fashionable, and both men and … Read More A Letter To My Fifteen Year Old Self


An open letter to Miranda Larbi, in relation to unicorns.

Dear Miranda, Let’s start with something positive (not that this post will be negative, but you know…) Congratulations on completing the London Marathon! I’ll probably never do this. I could pretend it’s because I’m busy at work, or otherwise occupied, but the truth is, that is part of my “Lazy Millennial” quota. Mother does not play that, so perhaps you’ve already beaten me at life before … Read More An open letter to Miranda Larbi, in relation to unicorns.


Get To Know Me :)

Hola amigos, Today, I’m going to be doing the “Get To Know Me” tag, which I saw being done here. Hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about me! Besos, J x   What is your middle name?: Louise, my mum has the same middle name, interestingly enough. What was favorite subject at school?: Drama and English Language, because I loved to create characters … Read More Get To Know Me 🙂


Ask Jen! – August 21st

Hola my loves! Today, I’m going to be answering a small selection of some of the questions you sent to me, so I hope I answer them well! Let’s get started. Dan asked “What is your favourite thing that you have written?” I think one of my favourites is Come Dancing from Hysterical Valentine, because it has a very cute retro vibe that I always … Read More Ask Jen! – August 21st