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Today Isn’t Unlucky, and Neither Am I



rewriting the world,

then living inside of my letters.

At dawn,

I whisper sweetness to the universe,

paths of gold stick to my shoes,

my soul ascending,

while my body is tethered to the ground.

Repeating requests,

watching them unravel,

then wrap around me,

until I am complete.

I watch the universe fall in love with me,

gently rebuilding me,

rewarded for waiting,

for hurting.

I kiss my own reflection every morning,

shyly at first,

but forever more passionate,

because I am the favoured daughter of the Fortuna,

no longer in disgrace,

no longer longing for men’s eyes,

all alone,

but never truly forsaken.

Morning magic,

I lounge on clouds,

drawing the desires of my heart to her,

so she can be satisfied.

I don’t sink anymore,

I just wait,


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The spookiest songs for your Halloween playlist

Hola amigos,

Halloween is almost here, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite horror movie songs to help you build a spooky playlist to celebrate Halloween.

  1. God Ends Here – Abel Korzeniowski (From The Nun)

    The Nun is one of the most talked about horror films of 2018, finally putting the spotlight on the fearsome Valek, from The Conjuring franchise. While The Nun did receive mixed reviews as a film, the score was undeniably spooky.

  2. Halloween Theme – John Carpenter (From Halloween 2018)

    Michael Myers returns to bring terror to the big screen, with the recently released Halloween. Not only do we have the return of Michael, as well as one of the most famous and beloved scream queens, in Jamie Lee Curtis, but we also have the return of the legendary John Carpenter, and a refreshed take on the iconic theme song of Halloween.

  3. Burning Tree – Hans Zimmer (From The Ring)

    Hans Zimmer is a legendary composer for a reason, and his work on the first two films in The Ring series are a further indication of his talent and brilliance. Each track carries the haunting melody that accompanies the series’ primary antagonist Samara, but each track has a different feel and mood, creating a mesmerising and chilling soundscape.

  4. Free Evil – Joseph Bishara (From 11-11-11)

    Admittedly, I haven’t seen 11-11-11. I discovered this track through Apple Music, after it was recommended to me, from some of Joseph Bishara’s other work. Joseph Bishara has worked on other soundtracks, such as Insidious and Annabelle, so his work in the horror genre is well known, but his work on the 11-11-11 was an interesting hidden gem.

  5. Zepp Eight – Charlie Clouser (From Jigsaw)

    As a long term fan of the Saw series, I was slightly disappointed with Jigsaw as a film, but as is always the case with Saw films, the score was outstanding. Zepp Eight was the standout track for me, breathing new life into Saw’s signature sound.

  6. Freddy’s Coming For You – Steve Jablonsky (From A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010)

    I know that some people have mixed feelings about reboots and remakes, especially in the horror genre, and remaking a film as beloved as A Nightmare On Elm Street was never going to be easy. While I have mixed feelings about the film itself, the score was something they got completely right.

  7. Peter – Colin Stetson (From Hereditary)

    Hereditary is probably my favourite recent horror film. I saw it several times at the cinema, and counted down the days until it was released on VOD. Part of what made the film so enjoyable was its incredible score, composed by Colin Stetson, and this track was my absolute favourite.

  8. Keep The Lights Out – Benjamin Wallfisch (From Lights Out)

    I was really excited when I heard that one of my favourite horror shorts was being adapted into a feature film, and while the final film was quite disappointing, the score was great, and one of the only aspects I thought matched up to the brilliance of the original short.

  9. Overlay of Evil / Main Title – Harry Manfredini (From Friday The 13th)

    Jason Vorhees and his mother are scary, but I’d say the soundtrack for the various films in the series are scarier.

  10. It Begins – tomandandy (From Sinister II)

    While I feel Sinister is the  better film of the series, I do feel Sinister II had the superior score, it perfectly captures the ongoing dread and horror of the film.

I hope you have a great Halloween!


J x

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Happy Friday The 13th!

Hola amigos,

Today is Friday the 13th, and while some might dread that, I’ve always found it to be a lucky date for me. I’ve got a new video for you today, based on one of my older poems “Friday The 13th”, which you can check out below.

I hope you enjoy it!



This video doesn’t exist

Click here to view Friday The 13th on YouTube


Come cuddle with my noir kitty cat,

every moment apart is unlucky,

break the old glass you’ve grown out of,

and walk under the ladder to my world.


I want the salt across the table,

where you rest your legs,

and smirking shoes,

after a long day of pointing at rainbows.


They say you’re no good for me,

but you’re just the jinx I’m looking for.

You’ve eluded me for too long,

now it’s time for my luck to change.


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