My 21st Birthday

You set off the fire alarm, pulling me from my novel, to the grass outside. From a boy into a bird, you surfed towards me, and I was wrapped up in you, and bows, your giddy gift, though it was my turn to receive.   Your bullish greed, wouldn’t let my eyes, or my heart […]

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What I learned in 2015

For those that don’t know, I have a habit of being late. I was once three hours late to a first date, but still managed to get a second date (and a three year relationship) out of it, but it isn’t one of my habits I encourage, or, hard as it is to believe, do […]

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When I was seventeen, I decided to go to university. I had considered, and dismissed it before, but at seventeen, an English teacher remarked of his hopes for me to continue my studies at university, and I decided “why the fuck not?” So, off to university I went. I decided to do a course in […]

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