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Summer Sun

When the sun goes down,
I still shade my view,
with blue hearts,
so you can’t see,
my aching eyes,
that want more than the summer,
from you.

The rest of me,
is just as crazy about you,
I bury myself under soft sand,
waiting for waves to tell me what went wrong.
I already know.
I watch you,
through blue hearts,
broken-hearted eyes,
soft sand,
and summer regrets.

summer sun jennifer juan.jpg

It’s not your fault,
if I said yes,
to summer,
thinking it could last forever,
but I’ll always hate you,
just as much as I love you,
for being so close,
but disappearing,
with the setting sun.

Winter approaches,
with the sun,
in fleeting,
fortunate moments,
but it doesn’t feel the same on my skin.
I’ve hoarded my memories of you,
set out like a shrine,
atop the soft, sombre sand,
that knows it will never be the same,
now you’re gone.

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Summer is on the way :)

Hola Amigos,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m so excited for summer, so below are some things I wrote, with a bit of a summery theme, to take my mind of all the rain here in England!

I hope you like them 🙂


J x


Baby Blue
Corpse Candy
Summer Of Love
The Importance Of Being Earnestly Yours
My Best Friend’s Baby
Forget You Nots
Never Say Die
Everything That Mattered
This Is Love

Baby Blue

Knife to my armbands,
lost in the lake of your love.
I rise as I fall.

Oh my baby blue,
I’m just drowning in your charms.
I live as you breathe.


Corpse Candy

My neurology is nasty,
and I’m taken by tremors,
as I’m tempted by your taste.
You’re the sweetest
sour faced sod I’ve ever known,
and I’ll pick your brain,
from your handsome head,
and save it for last,
so kuru carries me to the dreams of death,
and I can dine on you for a life time.

Summer Of Love

You, like the sun,
were blinding, ever present,
and as essential to me,
as you were stunning.

You stayed on my mind,
like a stone in my shoe,
but when I threw you to the ground,
you took my whole leg with you.

I glued you back, and we glided all summer,
Honda rides in the heat,
and an hour’s sleep if we could stand it.
I couldn’t stand not standing by you,
though I knew you’d break my heart,
I covered it up with candy floss,
as we found our way to the fair.



We paved the path to Paraíso,
with everyday extravagance,
you can’t find in a store.

One night with you,
and the lights our taxes pay for,
feels ethereal,
and the way I feel,
for you,
is scribbled on a tram shelter,
where we hide from the winds,
of a world that can’t stand us.

We work all week,
for Netflix, and negotiation,
of how much of the covers,
you can spare,
and how much of me,
I’ll share.


The Importance Of Being Earnestly Yours

I fell from the sky,
and my mission was my parachute.
How could my life end,
on arrival,
when I was born to be yours?

I tore off my past,
and my preset settings,
and didn’t hold my breath,
as I drowned in a fresh coat of paint,
to be yours.

I have spent so long,
building your dream,
that I’ve forgotten what mine was.


My Best Friend’s Baby

You mean less,
than you’d like,
and I like you,
more than I mean to.
If only I could
strip me
of the spell
you’ve dressed me in.

you are behind me,
enveloping my waist,
and rationing my breath.
Every dandelion,
birthday candle,
and evening hopeful countdown,
belongs to you,
though you belong to her.
I would wait
for the rest of my days,
to belong
to my best friend’s baby.


Forget You Nots

So many Septembers,
after our sordid summers,
each as precious,
and tempestuous,
and close to my heart,
as the last.

I kissed your lips,
a thousand times,
and you made me cry,
a million,
and I have cherished a billion smiles,
from the lips I loved.

I’ll forget a lot,
in my final days,
as I tend my forget-me-nots,
but you’ll follow me forever,
I’ll be happily haunted,
by the boy I couldn’t forget.


Never Say Die

Gee, it’s too bad,
you’ve found somebody new.
I hope you never leave.
The birds don’t sing for her,
and the stars stay,
surrounding where we used to lay.

Never sunrise,
I forgot the beauty of a starting day.
I hope you never stay.
Ours were born at ten AM,
Wine gums and strawberry shake,
brunch for the beaten down and broken up.

Does she tire
of the way you talk?
(Maybe I did?)
I hope you never say.
You’d repeat the same generic words,
and I’d smile real symmetrical.
You’ve kept walking,
but I’m the girl in a galaxy.


Everything That Mattered

My last words to you,
throb in my throat,
scratching and crawling,
to escape,
to reach you one last time.

I’m surrounded by suffocation,
and the ground is lava,
so I’ll leap into your arms,
and pretend we never parted,
then I’ll fall to the floor,
unable to reach the arms,
I’ll miss forever.


This Is Love

You remain unchanged,
I exist as fire.
I will burn.
I will roar.

You remain unswayed,
I exist as ice.
I will melt,
I will run.

You remain ashamed,
I exist as heart.
I will love,
we will love.



You are painted on my skin,
a mystery since my arrival,
that I’ve never solved,
but often trace,
when I’m alone.

White feathers weight,
on my weathered soul,
and I follow their path,
through the forest fire,
you’ve ignited in my heart.

I thought I’d been yours,
since I was sixteen,
broken down as you didn’t look my way,
cradled with Carl Wilson,
singing “God Only Knows”,
as I realised I always did.


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January xo

Dearest darlings,

I hope the New Year has been as kind to you as all of you are to me.

I have so many exciting things to share with you as 2016 begins. Firstly, the release of Pretty Baby. The collection of poetry will be available to read on the website, but will also be available in PDF format, for those of you who enjoy reading away from your computer. I will be uploading all the previous collections in PDF format quite soon, but Pretty Baby will be done first, as it genuinely is quite lengthy. It will be uploaded on the 22nd of January. I’ve been informed that the bracelet collection with Penspired Jewellery will be going on sale during Fall 2016.

Thank you so much to all of you who voted for me, and allowed me to feel so loved. To know that even one person read my writing and enjoyed it was a blessing, but feeling so much kindness and support is so moving, and thank you to the people involved for even believing me worthy of a nomination, it truly means so much to me.

I hope you have a wonderful January.

Los mejores deseos, J x